Welcome to Your Child’s First Pre-School:
Morning Stars Learning Program
Established: 1997

Now more than ever, researchers are confirming what we at Morning Stars
Learning Program have known for years – children do their most important
learning before the age of five. That’s why, in addition to lots of love and
attention, everything we do at Morning Stars involves early childhood
Parents are a valuable part of a successful child-care program. Through
parental involvement, we are better able to meet the development and personal
needs of children. As child-care professionals, we can serve as available
resources for parents and their children concerning most areas of
development. Therefore, we like to think that families and child-care centers
can and should work together to provide an environment that facilitates the
growth of a child into a physically and emotionally healthy individual. Staff
members feel that the program should focus on the development of the whole
child. In order to do this, we look at the cognitive, physical, emotional, and social
needs of each child.
We will be working with children ages 3 years to 6 years. We will be offering
Multi-Age-Grouping. We feel that young children in Multi-Age Groups have more
opportunity to learn from older children in the group, and every child has a
chance to teach the other group members. Peer-teaching and learning gives
children a sense of belonging. It not only enhances a child's sense of mastery
and work but also the appreciation of others. Thank you for choosing Morning
Stars Learning Program for your child's first early learning experience.

Melissa L. Carnes
Owner, Director, Teacher
Where your child will learn to

  • Flexible hours
  • Maximum class size 12
  • Strong academic
    program at all levels
  • Sign Language
  • Gymnastics weekly

Award winning school
Morning Stars Learning Program
Ages 3 - Kindergarten
School: 760-341-5223
Cell: 760-861-4545
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9 - 20
esame Street
26 Years