Parental Participation:

Parents are always welcome to join our program at Morning Stars Learning
Program. We invite parents to participate in the Morning Stars Parent Teacher
Fellowship (P.T.F.), fund-raisers, field trips, classroom helpers, etc. All
parents are encouraged to share personal interests including; hobbies,
talents, cultural back rounds, favorite recipes, etc. Parents are welcomed to
volunteer in the classrooms. If the center and parents are mutually able to
work together this provides a setting that best meets the child’s
growth needs. We always look out for what will best benefit the children first.
With this in mind, we ask that parents wait until Oct. to start helping in the
classrooms. This will give the students time to adjust to their new


Every student must supply the office with current medical information and a
copy of the immunization records signed by his/her doctor. The Riverside
County Health Department requires all children in school to have a T.B. test,
showing the child to be free of contagious T.B.  Parents need to notify the
director (Ms. Melissa Carnes) if a child has a contagious disease, diabetes,
asthma, and allergies to insects, medicine and food, and/or medications
needed by the child.
If your child is not feeling well, please do not send him/her to school! If your
child becomes ill at school, we will notify you so you can pick him/her up. It is
the parent’s responsibility to keep the director (Ms. Melissa Carnes) current
with names and phone numbers where they may be reached in case of
illness or emergency.


Morning Stars Learning Program feels it is our duty to inform parents of the
following precautions we take to help prevent the spread of communicable
diseases. Your cooperation in carrying these policies through is particularly
necessary for the health of the children.


Safety of our students and staff is our primary concern. The center has a
closed campus; all visitors must sign in at the front door. Yard supervisors are
on duty during recess, lunch, and before school to ensure the safety of all our
The center disaster preparedness plan includes steps for ensuring student
and staff during a disaster. Fire and disaster drills are conduced on a regular
basic thought out the school year. A storage bin located at the center contains
food, water, and other supplies for use during a disaster.

Cleaning Process:

A full-time cleaning service ensures classrooms; restrooms and campus
grounds are kept clean and safe. Classrooms are cleaned and vacuumed
regularly by a contracted cleaning service.

Authorization for Pick-Up:

For drop-off and pick-up to run, as smoothly as possible drivers are to follow

Please, remember Morning Stars Learning Program offers you the privilege
of being able to drive up and either drop-off and/or pick-up your child
without ever getting out of your car. There was a lot of thought put forth to
make this possible. Together the City of Palm Desert and owners of
Morning Stars Learning Program has set forth guidelines that best suit
everyone involved. For the health and safety of all the families and staff at
Morning Stars Learning Program, we ask you to follow the guidelines set


Mealtimes are a great time for children to practice their independence in self-
help skills. Mealtime provides opportunities for social interactions between
adults and children and therefore should be rich with language about morning
and afternoon events and types of food being eaten. At Morning Stars Learning
Program the parents will bring the snacks. There will be a calendar sent
home monthly. Children ill have at least one (1) snack day per month. Parents
will be asked to provide snacks for up to thirty (30) children and four (4)
teachers. This will also become your child’s share days. They will be allowed
to bring toys and/or books to school on this day only. Please keep their
belongings at home other than their share days. Please do not allow your
child to bring guns and/or other toys that may initiate violent play. THANK YOU!

Morning Stars Learning Program will try to have snack days on or as close to
your child’s birthday as possible to ensure  this to be a special day. All
children having summer birthdays will have a special UN- birthday snack day
in June before we break for summer vacation.

Lunch Time (Lunch Bunch):

Lunch should be packed in a sturdy lunch box. Glass bottles and/or
containers and food, which require heating, will not be permitted. All
necessary eating utensils, straws, and napkins should be included. Candy
and gum will not be allowed at school. Please remember to sign up 24 hours
before Lunch Bunch for it does fill up fast.


Children’s birthdays are special and will be celebrated in the classrooms.
Parents may provide treats (sweets) for the class on that day. Please discuss
all plans with the director (Melissa Carnes) in advance. Morning Stars
Learning Program has asked parents “NOT” to send cupcakes. We find that
most children do not enjoy them, leaving a big mess behind! Morning Stars
Learning Program encourages parents to send their child’s favorite cookies,
pudding, ice cream etc.. Instead ………….. THANK YOU ………. !

We encourage you to donate a book to Morning Stars Learning Program
library on your child’s birthday. If you are planning a birthday party at your
home, please include as many children as possible. There is nothing more
defeating to a child than to be “left out”. When inviting children to your parties
please use mail or phone ONLY to issue birthday invitations; please do not
pass out invitations at school. …..


Due to Licensing Regulations, Fire Marshall, Insurance Coverage, and the
Safety and Welfare of everyone involved.
Morning Stars Learning Program does “NOT” allow siblings to attend school


We, the staff at Morning Stars Learning Program would like to think of Morning
Stars as your extended family. Students really enjoy sharing their special
moments with their parents. They should “not” be asked to share special
moments at Morning Stars with their siblings. There are many activities that
are offered in the desert that can be shared with siblings.

We feel it is very important for children to share more one on one moment with
their Parents and/or Grandparents.

Teachers also find it very disruptive to children and other parents who are
trying to listen to a program being presented. With siblings attending also, it
makes for very crowded and unsafe conditions. Students work very hard at
their programs they present to you. So, let’s give your children the attention
they deserve.
  1. PARENT CONFERENCES:  Parents must be available for conferences
    at least once a year (January) where the parents and teachers can
    mutually decide on program goals for their child. This is not mandatory
    for 3-year-old students. These conferences will be an information
    sharing session that allows each to express his/her feelings and
    concerns about progress or problems that the child might be
    experiencing. The parents and the teachers, together, will then decide
    on goals for your child.
  2. HOME/SCHOOL: We need the parents to realize that their home and
    our program should be continuous with each other. This means that
    parents must openly communicate with the director (Melissa Carnes)
    pertaining information about the child on a daily basis. This should
    include such things as illness, change in sleeping habits, eating, or
    emotional problems, and so forth.
  3. CENTER AS A RESOURCE: Parents should use Morning Stars
    Learning Program as a resource. Staff members are trained
    professionals in the area of child development and can provide
    families with invaluable information about children.
  4. PARENTS ARE WELCOME: Parents are welcome to come to Morning
    Stars Learning Program at any time during program hours. Parental
    involvement is valued and therefore encouraged. Parents should feel
    free to come and spend lunch or other time with their child. We also
    want parents to feel welcome to bring special interest activities to
    Morning Stars Learning Program, but please consult the director prior
    to doing so.
  5. DONATIONS: Donations to Morning Stars Learning Program are tax
    deductible. As your child develops mentally and physically, please
    considers whether books, toys or outgrown computer games, etc. that
    may be appropriate for use in our school.
  6. OUR COMMITMENT TO QUALITY: We understand the level of trust you
    place in us when you enroll your child at Morning Stars Learning
    Program and we’re committed to providing the very best care and
    education possible. The high quality of Morning Stars the results of
    many years experience and strong commitment to meet the needs of
    children and their families.
  1. The following are signs the staff members will recognize as signals of
    a possible illness.
  • A fever of 100 degrees F.
  • Skin Rash
  • Diarrhea and/or Vomiting two or more times in the same day
  • Evidence of Lice Infestation        
  • Difficult or Rapid Breathing
  • Yellowish Skin or Eyes
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Unusually Dark Urine and/or Gray or White Stool
  • Stiff Neck
  • Untreated Infected Skin Patches

    Morning Stars Learning Program ‘WILL NOT” administer any
    medication or vitamins at ANYTIME!

    2. Any one who is suspected of being mildly ill (a child experiencing
    minor cold symptoms or does not feel well enough to participate in
    activities but DOES NOT exhibit any of the symptoms specified in #1)
    will be cared for within the child’s group. The child will be observed
    carefully for signs and symptoms of worsening conditions. At that time
    parents will be contacted.

    3. Parents will be notified by Morning Stars Learning Program if a child
    is exposed to a communicable disease.
  • No child will be released without written authorization by parent or
  • Please keep your child’s pick-up list up to date.
  • At all times Morning Stars Learning Programs staff will ask for proper
    Identification from persons who come to pick-up children
  • Double parking is not allowed anywhere near Morning Stars Learning
  • ( Aster  Drive/Desert Star)
  • Loitering is not allowed anywhere near Morning Stars Learning
  • ( Aster  Drive/ Desert Star)
  • Only  four (4) cars are allowed in the horseshoe drive at a time
  • All other drivers are to wait on the opposite side of the street to Morning
    Stars Learning Program (North side on Desert Star)
  • All drivers are to enter in the horseshoe drive, by  Portola
  • At “NO” time are drivers to get out of their cars while in the
    horseshoe drive (horse shoe drive is for drop-off and pick-up only)
  • Parents walking their children into Morning Stars Learning Program
    should park on Aster Drive. (This will help with any blind spots as
    drivers enter and exit the horseshoe drive)
  • Parents walking their children in should always use the pathway
    provided on the rocks (This keeps children out of blind spots)
  • Always be aware of red “NO” parking areas (We are not responsible for
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