Early Foundation:


A great school experiences starts here

At our center children are in a safe environment they know and love, which
makes learning more effective and fun. Our kindergarten program is a
comprehensive skill-based program, designed to prepare children for the first
grade and success in school. We want your child to enjoy and appreciate the
education process. Lessons are tailored to meet your child's individual needs
and designed to give children opportunities to explore, question,
communicate and create a fun, supportive environment.


Ten Indicators of School Readiness:

Your Kindergartener’s Day:
When the goal is learning, it is essential to use methods that work. Our
experienced teachers know that key to a happy and challenged kindergarten is
the encouragement to learn within a caring nurturing endowment.

Our teachers pride themselves in creating an academic program designed to
meet and exceed national and state content standards for first-grade
readiness. In fact, our children consistently outperform other children on
standardized achievement tests. We pull together the best educational
research, tools, and time-tested methods to effectively prepare children in a
positive and fun way.

Expansive Curriculum:
Our comprehensive curriculum includes reading, language, arts,
mathematics, science, social studies, music, and physical fitness.

Small Class:
With fewer children in our class, our teachers are able to work individually with
each child. Helping them grow and learn at their own pace.

Full-Day Care:
We work within your busy schedule. We offer full-day instruction with on-site
before-school and after-school care. This allows your child to spend more
time engaged in meaningful learning and less time in transition.

Hands-on Learning:
Children enjoy fun learning exercise and opportunities to keep them engaged
and motivated. Educational field trips and school presentation also provide
excellent hands-on experiences.

Reasons for Choosing:
Our Kindergarten :
  • Individual attention with a small class size (10 to 12 students
  • Full-day instruction that provides before-school and after-
    school care
  • Educational field trips and school presentations that
    enhance the curriculum
  • Regular communication with teachers so that you are
    informed about your child’s day
  • Safe, familiar environment
  1. Knows and communicates needs
  2. Separates from parents without excessive anxiety
  3. Shares and takes turns with reminders
  4. Follows simple directions and completes tasks
  5. Identifies primary colors and basic shapes
  6. Counts to 100 or higher
  7. Writes letters and numbers
  8. Draws a line with control
  9. Dresses him/herself
  10. Creates a four or five block tower


Kindergarten Schedule:
Daily Circle Time :
9:10 to 10:00 a.m.

Star Student
* Attendants
* Welcome song

Songs about:
Counting 1 to 20
Months of the Year
Counting and Signing 1 to 30
Sing and Sign Alphabet, and Vowels

Calendar Skills:
Today is, Tomorrow is, and Yesterday was?
Month, Year, Important Dates
Clock Skills:
Minutes, Hours

100 Day Chart:
Sept. to Feb. Count 1 to 100
Feb. to June Subtract to Last Day of School

Inch worm:
How Many Days in a School Year?
Flag and Share Time

“K” Team
Weekly Schedule:

Math, Adding
Phonic Skills

Math, Clock Skills
Phonic Skills
Library Day

Math, Money
Phonic Skills

Math, Adding
(September to February)
Subtraction (Feb. to June)
Homework Day

High Frequency Words (Written, and in Sign Language)
Spelling Test (Begins Jan.)

Afternoon Schedule :

1:00 to 1:20 p.m.
Story and Phonic Lesson

1:20 to 2:15
Independent Worksheet, Shelf Time, Individual Reading Time with Ms.
Melissa (each child has a designated day)

2:15 p.m.
Cleaning up
Each child has Classroom Job to Complete
Ending Story

By the end of Kindergarten your children should be able to:
  • Small class size
  • Children are already familiar  with environment (Less time
    lost at beginning of the year getting to know each other
  • Hands on Learning
  • Sign Language
  • Music Appreciation (Daily)
  • Gymnastics (Weekly, Gym on The Move)
  • Open Court (Daily)
  • Math (Daily)
  • Computer Skills
  • Thematic Teaching
  • Field Trips
  • Distinguish initial, medial, and final sounds in single-syllable
  • Distinguish long and short vowel sounds in orally stated
    single-syllable words (bit/bite)
  • Blend one to four sounds words orally into one including
    consonant blends and digraphs (c/a/t =cat; /f/a/t/fat).
  • Add, delete, or change target sounds to change cow to how;
    pan to an.
  • Read and spell common, irregular sight words ( the, an, in,
    on, no, of, a )
  • Respond to who, what, where, when, and how questions.
  • Follow simple written instructions.
  • Describe the role and contribution of the author and
    illustrators to print materials.
  • Know where to find the table of contents and what it means.
  • Recollect, talk, and write, about books read during the year.
  • Print legibly and space letters, words, and sentences
  • Spell three and four letter short-vowel words and
    phonetically spells other sight words correctly.
  • Give, restate, and follow simple two-step directions.
  • Students understand and use numbers up to 100.
  • Count, read and wrote whole number to 100.
  • Identify and know the value of coins and show different
    combinations of coins that equal the same value.
  • Students demonstrate the meaning of addition and
    subtraction and use these operations to solve problems.
  • Count by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s with numbers to 100.
  • Understand the meanings of the symbols +, -, =.
  • Tell time to the nearest half-hour and compare time related
    to events (before/after, and shorter/longer).
  • Describe and arrange objects in space in terms of proximity,
    positions, and directions (near, far, below, above up, down
    behind, in front of, next to, left/right).
  • Student’s sort objects, and creates and describes patterns
    involving numbers, shape, size, rhythm, or color.
  • Work independently and also as a group.
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